Meet Our Team

To build an organization, it takes countless blessings from loved ones, beliefs from well-wishers, people who challenge, dreams & best wishes. A big thank you to all who contributed without being there in the core team. Listed below are some names, who play a major role in taking this organization to the next level.

Praveen Kumar Rajbhar

Founder & CEO

The captain of the ship, a first-generation entrepreneur, comes from a very humble background in UP, Ghazipur. He says "I love to invest in people before machines" and that's the biggest strength he has. His ability to build relationships and maintain them will surprise you....He has been in corporate for more than 13 years, has worked with Axis, Home Credit, Amway, AU Bank, Bajaj Allianze in training and development. In the form of articles, poetry, and shayris, he is good at sharing emotions. No matter where someone comes from, he is passionate about making education accessible to everyone in the country.

Ravish Malhotra


The backbone of the organization and responsible for running the whole operation. The taskmaster, go-getter, never giving up attitude are the few things you will notice about him quickly. An MBA with more than 17 years in training and development with the companies ... like Videocon & Indus Management, helped him shape into a good leader. While at work he is likely to be very serious, immersed in work and keeping the organizational functions flowing. He is known for his management tactics and his amazing human resource management. Yes, don't forget to read his book about L&D by the name of Training Your Business Enabler (The Unsaid benefits)

Advisory Board


A graduate from Utrecht University in economics and more than 15 years of corporate experience, working with different financial institutions makes him unique at what he does. Passionate about making education unbiased and accessible. EDTECH is his cup of tea. Be it financial institutions or State governments he has worked with them all.... To straighten up a complicated plan you reach out to him and he’d do it. He strategizes with such precision and experience that they turn to vision without many hurdles. An eye for detail, task mastery, good at numbers, solution-oriented approach are the few things you will notice about him immediately while working with him. An Easter egg about him is that he is a sports lover.


“Man of humanity,” his LinkedIn says this, and one couldn’t have described him better. He is the founder-director of Aeon Market Research and into several other social and businesses too. He is a person who always has society and societal changes on his mind. Any good he can do for the people around him, he’ll do it. He is a real empath... and will always try to make people around him feel content. Anything you could ask about Market research he will have the answer ready. An MBA and with more than 30 years of experience in building and running organizations successfully is helping SkillingYou to take strategic decisions and build a better and strong organization.

Atal Agrawal

From IIT Varanasi, IIM’89 to Managing Director at ILSS (India Leaders for Social Sector), He is experienced in investment banking, fixed income, equities, client relationship management. He has wide-ranging experience in Business Development and taking strategic decisions. If you have doubts about numbers and figures,... he is the person you look for, if you have a business question, he is the person most likely to answer it the best. From the stock market to finance, from e-commerce to social sector, from client management to team building, his wide range of experience, is helping SkillingYou to take it to the next level.

Nidhi Jain

Nidhi Jain is a serial entrepreneur who has established many brands across industries. She is also the founder of New Horizon Foundation which is known for ED-tech solutions and affordable education,... Her vision of making quality education accessible to all deserving students took her on the journey of founding brands like Ivy Capsules, Entrance Capsules, and Careerliy.