18 October

Do you want to start your programming career with Python? Do you know other programming languages and want to learn Python? You are at the right place!!

What is a programming language?

A programming language is used to write a set of programs that are to produce various types of commands that help with algorithms. Programming is used to create apps, website designing, software creation etc.

Learn python programming online

What are the uses of Python?

Python is used to work on

  • Mobile app development
  • Desktop app/software development
  • Big Data processing
  • System script writing

What are the benefits of learning Python?

  • Python is a high-level language that enables you to do complex tasks, it is easy to learn and understand. 
  • The clean syntax is suitable for beginners and experienced programmers.
  •  It is one of the most popular programming languages and its popularity is constantly growing. 
  • The rising popularity means that the need of developers who work on python is increasing.
  •  Like any other programming language, Python receives regular updates to improve functionality and efficiency. 
  • Python offers easy-to-use syntax which is good for beginners to learn the programming language.
  •  If you are a  certified Python programmer, you will have a better resume value and have a better chance at cracking interviews and getting a job.
Learn python

SkillingYou offers you a detailed video-based course that teaches you all about writing codes, the hello world program, arithmetic operations with python, variables, formulas, data types etc.

This course is available on the SkillingYou mobile application and will help you in understanding the world of python easily. The language used is simple and easy to understand. It will help you in learning the course in the comfort of your own home, at a time you choose.

About Skilling You

Skilling You, is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. We strive to educate the youth with our prime focus on rural India, equipping learners through our cost-effective, technology-driven, research-based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’. In this dynamic environment and competitive markets, this humble initiative is the first step towards our commitment of empowering the youth with Employability Skills, by creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity. With an aspiration of changing the employment landscape in India, we at Skilling You take a pledge to drive a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and process improvement. In recent years, competition has increased, and job opportunities have reduced. In this competitive world, it isn’t enough to have a degree; one must have something extra, something unique to give them an edge over others.


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