23 October

Knowing how to write in English and how to speak in English are two different things, we tend to think that if you know how to write, you’ll be able to speak freely. But that is a huge misconception. While speaking in English, you have to articulate and structure your thoughts into words in real-time. Instead of writing every word and thinking about it, you have to speak on the spot.

Here are a few tips to increase your confidence, and to improve your English speaking.

 Read Aloud

 Reading to yourself helps with the pronunciation of words, and memorizing new words. Reading is an easy exercise that is accessible to all, you can practice alone or with someone.

Watch English movies with subtitles

English movies with subtitles provide you with the words and their pronunciation, as well as the spellings. It makes you associate the pronunciation with a written word, and is a great way of improving English speaking.

Listen to more English everyday.

Whether it be songs or podcasts, audio-books, or news. Listening to English provides you with new words and improves listening skills. It also helps you with recognizing different accents, by exposing you to a wider variety of media.

Relax and have a positive attitude

Approach English with a relaxed mindset. Don’t think of it as studying. It’s a language and to become fluent in it you need to have a positive approach and attitude. That way speaking will come to you naturally.

Learn and study phrases

Learning words has no meaning unless you can use them in phrases. Having a good hold on some common phrases might help you in  communicating anywhere you go.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes.
If you make a mistake, it’s okay. Pause, correct yourself and speak again. No one speaks perfectly the first time. It is a process of learning and understanding the language.

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